Air Conditioning Maintenance by the Experts


Regular maintenance can often uncover potential repair problems before they become big and expensive. Some of the tasks we do which can ward off bigger problems are things like debris removal, cleaning dirty coils and drains, and more.

air conditioning maintenance

Why should you have an A/C maintenance performed 1-2 times a year?

A/C maintenance will make your system perform more effectively, thereby creating a more pleasant home environment. The system will run more efficiently, this reducing operating costs, and will be examined for potential problems and wear, so your unit is less likely to break down unexpectedly and leave your family and belongings in what could be a dangerously hot environment.


Here's what we cover during our air conditioning maintenance checks:

  • Refrigerant charge
  • Condenser coils cleaned as needed
  • Wear of relays and wire connections
  • Temperature and pressure of air 
  • Capacitors tested
  • Condensate pump and drain for operation and algae or blockage
  • Application of lubrication to motors and bearings
  • Wear and operation of belts and pulleys
  • Voltage and amp draw of compressor, motor and fan motor
  • Thermostat operation
  • Motor cleaning and inspection
  • Unit disconnect test
  • Controls and safeties inspection and testing
  • Crankcase heater est