Heat Pump, and Furnace Installation and Repair


We install, service and repair all makes and models of furnaces and heat pumps in the Phoenix Valley area. whether you have a heat pump, a furnace, or even an old boiler, we can help if your heat fails.



What are the most common types of heating systems?

  • Heat pump
  • Gas powered furnace

Is a heat pump the same as a boiler?

No. A boiler is a water-based heat source. A heat pump simply moves heat which already exists in the bedrock into your home. Since we live in a mild climate, this is ideal.

Is a heat pump more efficient than gas furnace?

While a heat pump is more efficient than a gas furnace, it can cost more to operate if the cost of the electricity is higher than the cost of natural gas. As utilities change the price depending on the time of day the energy is utilized, it will also depend on when they system is running. Most people, though, only run their heat pump during the economy phase of their electical usage. The other thing, of course, is that a heat pump can also cool your home, which eliminates the need for another unit.