Air Duct Cleaning


Air duct cleaning done right involves a negative pressure vacuum collection system which collects and removes the debris from your ducts and home entirely.  Debris should never be simply blown out of the system. 

Why you should have your air ducts cleaned

Air duct cleaning becomes necessary when the HVAC is old or running poorly, or improperly fitting filters have been used in the system, if water gets into the system due to a roof leak or burst pipe, or if the homeowner can see or smell dust or mold when the register is removed.

Cleaning is also wise if the system has been infiltrated by bats, birds, or rodents, if the home is or was occupied by a smoker or pet that shed or had dander, or if the home has had an addition built on it recently or is new.


How often should you get your air ducts cleaned

Ductwork should be cleaned every three to five years, especially if the home is occupied by a person with respiratory issues.

How long does it take to get your air ducts cleaned?

Duct work cleaning times depend on the number of trunk lines and vents in the home, their size and location, and whether handheld units or a truck-mounted unit is required.