Evaporative Cooler Service – Keep Your System Running


An evaporative cooler is an efficient, economical, and elegantly simple way to cool your home or business. An evaporative cooler works by adding moisture to warm air through evaporation, which creates a cooling effect while filtering out dust and debris.


An evaporative cooler will benefit greatly from yearly cleaning and service, during which all components are cleaned and tested for proper operation. 

Evaporating Cooling Service


Evaporative Cooler Maintenance Crucial to Air Quality


Because an evaporative cooling system is based on the process of evaporating water, the water in the system can become stagnant or moldy over the winter. For this reason, 911 Heating, Cooling & Plumbing recommends maintenance service prior to the first use in the Spring. 



What is included in an Evaporative Cooling Service?

  • Removal of louvers and filter pads and complete cleaning of the unit, including the water tank.
  • Cleaning and testing of the water pump
  • Drain valve test and check for leaks at the seal
  • Float valve test
  • Solenoid valve test
  • Check of leaks and drips at the water line and correct operation of the drain pipe
  • Check water pads for proper water distribution and saturation.
  • Check fan operation at all speeds and modes.
  • Check airflow output at all outlets
  • Full system test for operation, function, and performance.




Advantages of Evaporative cooling over a Refrigerated system:

Evaporative cooling systems have very few moving parts, none of which are expensive to replace, and virtually no refrigerant or other toxic chemicals. In addition, an evaporative cooler is highly economical to run, only pennies on the dollar compared to refrigeration systems. Evaporative cooled air is cool, moist, and comfortable. For this reason, many people prefer it over refrigerated air.