Increase Your HVAC Efficiency!

As the temperature rises, our electric bills are also climbing, leaving many homeowners wondering if there is a way to increase the efficiency of their HVAC system. So, today, we’re going to offer some tips on how to drive that electric bill down by making your HVAC and your home more energy efficient.



Keep the outdoor condenser unit free of encroaching shrubs and other plant material. Not only do these stop the free flow of air into the unit, but they can also fall into the unit and make it dirty. So prune away the branches before they crowd your condenser unit.

Change the filter

Of all of the mantras you’ll hear, changing the filter on your heating and cooling system should be the one you remember. At least once per month in the summer, change your HVAC filter. This is the single most important thing a homeowner can do on a regular basis which will impact the unit.

Install ceiling fans

If you already have ceiling fans, use them. They will make the family feel cooler, which means they’re less likely to start driving the thermostat down. Which brings our next point to mind.

Smart thermostat

Imagine having someone whose sole job is to watch your habits and suggest cooling patterns based on those habits? A Smart thermostat does exactly that. In addition, if you deviate from your normal pattern, you can contact the thermostat from your phone and change the pattern if needed.

Plant shade trees

I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree. 

Shade trees do so much more than make your landscaping beautiful. They also provide much-needed shade for your home, and the transpiration of these trees creates oxygen, which is an additional benefit. Some great options are Tipuana tipu, Chinese evergreen elm, or citrus trees. For more ideas on what will work in your situation and proper placement, talk to your nurseryman or landscape company.

Curtains and blinds

Windows, especially south and west facing windows, let in a tremendous amount of heat. So, make it a practice to close all blinds and shutters during the day to lower the amount of heat which is allowed in. Consider insulating drapes if you’re in the market for window coverings, which will help balance the temperature in the room and lower your electric bill.

Professional maintenance

Professional maintenance, normally performed in the spring, can be done any time. Testing, cleaning, and adjustments will ensure that your HVAC will run at peak efficiency and catch those small problems before they get out of control. 

If you notice a significant drop in efficiency, any unusual sounds, leaking, or odors, please contact a professional immediately.

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