What a Periodic HVAC Check-up Offers

Monsoon season is here, which is when a number of people take the opportunity to have their first, or even second  HVAC maintenance checkup for the year. Dusty conditions are hard on an HVAC unit, so homeowners who skipped their regular checkup at the end of winter will sometimes call us between haboobs, especially if the unit starts making noise or the unit gets dirty.

An A/C check can save money on your electric bill as well as stave off small problems before they turn into significant problems. Here is what a customer can expect from an HVAC maintenance service call.

Full system check


The technician will check each component of the system. All of the elements of the thermostat, furnace, heat pump or air conditioning system will be checked for damage and turned on to make sure they’re working properly.  A temperature and pressure test will also be performed as needed. The technician will look for deterioration or other signs of wear in the system’s components which may already be creating a problem or likely to cause one in the future.


If the system is dirty, the technician will change the filter if the customer has one available, as well as clean the components of the system that are beyond the homeowner’s reach.  

Repair Assessment

If the technician finds an issue, they’ll make an evaluation of it, note it and discuss it with the customer. Also, the tech will perform routine fixes such as belt alignment or tightening of loose wires. 

Summary report

 A form summarizing a detailed list of what the technician performed will be provided. This form should include all of the components that were checked. It should also include an assessment of any repairs which might need to be performed, or anomalies the technician may have found during the check. 

Questions Addressed

At this point, any questions the homeowner may have about their unit or on their heating and cooling can be discussed. If there is an issue with the unit, the technician will explain the problem and possible solutions. The best technicians are trained to examine and assess system challenges and solutions with the best interests of the customers' needs in mind.

If the homeowner already has a maintenance plan, periodic service is included in the plan. If the client doesn’t have a plan, a system check service can be performed for a one-time fee. Most customers feel the service is worthwhile since it’s a small fee to keep an expensive investment problem-free. Some HVAC warranties demand that the unit i serviced every year, or the warranty becomes void. 

Regardless of whether a unit is under warranty or a maintenance plan, regular service is highly recommended by the Department of Energy to promote the most efficient operation of the unit.